AMONG US - With Friends - 200 IQ Impostor Plays

18-Sen, 2020
120 738 Ko‘rishlar soni

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We have a lot of fun on Toasty Games playing with Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, and more!
If you have a big brain 200 IQ and are not an impostor. Check it out!
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    CinnamonToastKenCinnamonToastKenOy oldin
    • Thanks so much, its helping me get thru my quarantine with covid

      Samantha D.Samantha D.Oy oldin
    • Can’t watch the videos without buff

      Karen MarshallKaren MarshallOy oldin
    • Lol I literally just walked in and found my teenager playing this.

      Cookie SplitterCookie SplitterOy oldin
    • Those double kills with Jeannie are just damn cold

      Raios EphiRaios EphiOy oldin
    • @Vixen Fox Sly Mark played it with ChilledChaos, if you didn't see it

      Jaiso The Positive PessimistJaiso The Positive PessimistOy oldin

    Judi AllJudi All10 kun oldin
  • Bruh that little girl has a high pitch voice lol

    Luna Finch1Luna Finch110 kun oldin
  • Daddy

    betty rizzobetty rizzo16 kun oldin
  • Bro your voice is my literal childhood

    saturnbabez sydsaturnbabez syd18 kun oldin
  • I wanna see ken, pewds, cry, and minx play this game! It’s gonna be terrorist town all over again!

    Lady LokiLady Loki21 kun oldin
  • Your video "Amazing & Unnecessary inventions you didnt know you needed" at 7:32 was where the design for the among us characters came from👀🤣🤣

    Emma FreitagEmma Freitag26 kun oldin
  • Why weren't you talking to them on mic? (Or chat?)

    Tallon QsackTallon Qsack26 kun oldin
  • Wolfie honestly has a cute voice

    Nick LopezNick Lopez27 kun oldin
  • 8:35 It’s more like the new version of town of Salem

    Nick LopezNick Lopez27 kun oldin
  • 4:05 How did you guys win if you got two kills there when there was three people left usually imposters can only win when there’s two people left when there’s 2 imposters as well

    Nick LopezNick Lopez27 kun oldin
  • Hmm ken and lord nuxanor are friends, interesting

    Zackery ArterZackery Arter28 kun oldin
  • wolfy do be sounds like marzia but tinyyyy

    alex D'amelioalex D'amelioOy oldin
  • At first I thought they were playing with a 6-yo. XD With that voice that person has a huge potential doing voice acting for kids' cartoons/shows. I want them to play with Corpse now! XD

    CharsyCharsyOy oldin
  • Funny thing is I watch more than half of these people's videos Btw, you have an incredible beard Ken

    Shalev TiramShalev TiramOy oldin
  • it's like your dad is playing with all your friends instead of you

    Jahmey RodriguezJahmey RodriguezOy oldin
  • I love this team.

  • If you got Dunkey and Leah in this game it would redefine streaming.

    Charlie ApplesCharlie ApplesOy oldin
  • That high pitched baby voice needs to go. I can't listen to that again.

    Angela the TerribleAngela the TerribleOy oldin
  • Wolfys voice. I can NOT.

    Shannon BuckShannon BuckOy oldin
  • Would love to play mobile with yall

    Kayla BowmanKayla BowmanOy oldin
  • I miss when Markiplier made collab with all of these people

    Dr SloopDr SloopOy oldin
  • Is tha ash on lol

    Lyssa SheepLyssa SheepOy oldin
  • Sniperwolf annoyes the hell outta me...

    Lyssa SheepLyssa SheepOy oldin
  • Imagine him playing with disguised toast and ppl say toast

    Jessie LiJessie LiOy oldin
  • Play this game more, with pewds and jack

    Mahdi SodiolMahdi SodiolOy oldin
  • I was so shooketh to see you playing with Noble. I've stopped watching him since like 2017/18, but it's nice seeing him again, even if it's via you. :)

    Yuuko KagamiYuuko KagamiOy oldin
  • Happy Birthday, Ken!!!

    Knight of the BloodKnight of the BloodOy oldin
  • Among Us: * gets popular * UZworldrs: *Collab time*

    Knight of the BloodKnight of the BloodOy oldin
  • It is confirmed, even if u are the imposter, u can still vote on ur imposter partner.

    glennsf84glennsf84Oy oldin
  • someone pls add me i have no one to play with babiiglocx

    Tei babiigLOCxTei babiigLOCxOy oldin
  • Wolfy's. Voice. Is. The. Most. Obnoxious. Thing. I've. Ever. Heard.

    GoddammitHowardGoddammitHowardOy oldin
    • @Super Noodles she could be faking it, but also who really cares if she is? It's not the big of a deal if she is, and if she isn't, then all the comments about her voice being annoying are just unnecessary

      Ah YungAh YungOy oldin
    • I actually met her and her voice is legit like that

      Super NoodlesSuper NoodlesOy oldin
  • Wait, I thought that was Marzia lol, who's Wolfy

    DunkleosteusDunkleosteusOy oldin
  • Damn Ken and Yankee with those multiple double kills

    Reddusk IronskyReddusk IronskyOy oldin
  • Imagine if he plays with the OTHER toast?

    Rafael EsmerioRafael EsmerioOy oldin
  • Happy Birthday Ken🎂🧁🍰

    Felix LesheyFelix LesheyOy oldin
  • Wolfy voice makes me wanna die

    Dio JoestarDio JoestarOy oldin
  • Happy birthday CinnanonToastKen(21september)

    KaneKaneOy oldin
  • If you came here for a 50 yo wearing bunny ears talking to kids who sound like they were in cuties, boom.

    strikeunionstrikeunionOy oldin
  • You my boy Nux!!

    GalaxyGalaxyOy oldin
  • I actually assumed it was Greaseball and Wolfy because the killers are always are at the back and behold Greaseball kills Ken.

    Mehmed the Conqueror.Mehmed the Conqueror.Oy oldin
  • Wolfy’s voice gives me a migraine

    Ashley HardingAshley HardingOy oldin
  • Did anybody else see the spider

    welted 1welted 1Oy oldin
  • Charlie is so bad at this game and he’s so opinionated lmao

    k pk pOy oldin
  • Omg why does Wolfy talk like that

    k pk pOy oldin
    • Could be her natural voice:/ a lot of girls talk like that and it's genuine

      Ah YungAh YungOy oldin
  • Hey its Ojiisan!

    Erbert AdonisErbert AdonisOy oldin
  • Thanks ken, my boyfriend and i spent 2 hrs playing on our phones last night together and were obsessed 😂

    Erica RichterErica RichterOy oldin
  • I wish Dane was there too😄 and it's funny that Gibi is here

    Kiana K.Kiana K.Oy oldin
  • Are they playing with moaning myrtle? 😄

    MarinaMarinaOy oldin
  • This is fun. xD

    RedAPPLEtessaRedAPPLEtessaOy oldin
  • “I don’t know how to play this game!” 😂

    Alexis AhmedAlexis AhmedOy oldin
  • when ken wins he just looks at the camera and smiles

    Thicky McToenailsThicky McToenailsOy oldin
  • so I might have found the very first meme on video... rocky II 52 minutes in and 30+ second the guy actually says meme and hands rocky a picture with a cartoon and text over it. he says "you heard meme".

    BILBO2626BILBO2626Oy oldin
  • I like the game, can't get enough of it but you look sus lol

    RoxteratRoxteratOy oldin
  • I love when Pewds and Ken play together

    rsanjurrsanjurOy oldin
  • Please do more let’s plays! We miss them!

    FlyDice ProductionsFlyDice ProductionsOy oldin
  • Yite

    Jake fuzJake fuzOy oldin
  • Pewdiepie said he played this game with 600 IQ. 200 Is kind of small pp. Cringe

    Henrik JakobssonHenrik JakobssonOy oldin
  • Why is ken called toastboy? Is it because of disguisedtoast?

    Kai UnknownKai UnknownOy oldin
  • omg I cannot listen to her voice but I really wanna watch this video SJKNDJK

    라이쿠 / Riyku라이쿠 / RiykuOy oldin
  • Pls make Dane play this with you please ken

    6174_Harsimran Singh6174_Harsimran SinghOy oldin

    Venomfox 98Venomfox 98Oy oldin
  • I hate wolfys voice

    Kyrstin SimmonsKyrstin SimmonsOy oldin
  • One of those people Ken is playing with sounds like Potastic

    Alex KieferAlex KieferOy oldin
  • I can't believe you played with Nux Taxu!!!!!!! 😭

    Yvee RYvee ROy oldin
  • Missing Dane in this video. But always love ur content!

    GamingDisk1GamingDisk1Oy oldin
  • My worlds are colliding Charlie jankee and gibi 😄

    Average SavageAverage SavageOy oldin
  • you can barely hear nux, and that weeb is loud asf so he needs to turn his mic up

    Aecus RegenAecus RegenOy oldin
  • Those double double kills are cool.

    Lus VermaLus VermaOy oldin
  • I would love to play with you guys!

    SpaceOctopusSpaceOctopusOy oldin
  • Why are you playing with a toddler? That girls voice makes me cringe so bad

    NightlockGamingNightlockGamingOy oldin
    • coolfinel lol win

      NightlockGamingNightlockGamingOy oldin
    • NightlockGaming Whatever

      coolfinelcoolfinelOy oldin
    • coolfinel it’s creepy and she sounds like a little girl. I’m just saying I don’t really enjoy watching videos with her voice in them. It’s weird and there’s no way that’s a normal voice. She is totally doing it on purpose. Not gonna argue about it tho.

      NightlockGamingNightlockGamingOy oldin
    • NightlockGaming 1. Wolfychu isn’t a toddler. 2. That’s her normal voice.

      coolfinelcoolfinelOy oldin
  • The other day Pewds and Jack was playing Among Us with a "Toast" character, I though it was Ken but it was a fake. *Disappointed Hercules*

    DarkRei96DarkRei96Oy oldin
    • @Earllon Granada when pewds and ken played among us with him, there was a part where he just followed pewds without any reason, on the previous discussion pewds wasn't even sus'd or anything

      DarkRei96DarkRei96Oy oldin
    • Yeah that other toast guy is full on annoying. He talks too much and plays the game like it’s 4d chess when it’s not that complicated.

      Earllon GranadaEarllon GranadaOy oldin
    • @Murder Cloak FAKE TOAST

      Knight of the BloodKnight of the BloodOy oldin
    • @Murder Cloak I know it's someone named "DiSgUiSeD ToAsT", you should watch ken and pewds play surgeon simulator 2. Ken is the OG Toast

      DarkRei96DarkRei96Oy oldin
    • Ummmm that’s Toast not a fake. You’re dumb.

      Murder CloakMurder CloakOy oldin
  • ken your a class dude.

    GPediaGPediaOy oldin
  • Who's the cartoon voice girl? 😂

    Call InCall InOy oldin
  • That Wolfy chick's voice is annoying AF.

    Bubblegum WitchBubblegum WitchOy oldin
  • Now play with Dane and Mary 🤣

    ZombieApplesZombieApplesOy oldin
  • I don't know why im always compelled to click on your videos 😂😂😂

  • 14:54 of Ken stroking his beard 😂

    Mel BounsallMel BounsallOy oldin
  • Don't you have a heater ken?

    Xblisit JoshXblisit JoshOy oldin
  • Game: Among Us People with Trust Issue: *Welcome*

    Lou UngerLou UngerOy oldin
  • Maybe I’m kinda early but sad af to only see 257 comments on this video. I remember when you and pewds gamed for most videos. ( Not complaining about your current content, i love react couch n such c: )

    kinley .-.kinley .-.Oy oldin
  • I swear I heard a McElroy but I couldn't tell.

    hellobubblehellobubbleOy oldin
    • Update: I feel like whoever it is sounds like one of them but is not.

      hellobubblehellobubbleOy oldin
  • Lord Nuxanor

    Martin MathewMartin MathewOy oldin
  • I don't think this is fair. Give me 9 of your friends to play with or you're propping up the 1%

    InvadersDieInvadersDieOy oldin
  • You should play "Project Winter", that is really fun. :)

    ViniminenViniminenOy oldin
  • I wanna see ken and buff duking it out xD

    Muhammad Rafay ThaheemMuhammad Rafay ThaheemOy oldin
  • Gibi!!! 😃

    Tara JonesTara JonesOy oldin
  • Why do people shout let's go when they won as the imposter, you just finished the game lol

    Kyo SaitoKyo SaitoOy oldin
  • Just stroking his evil beard ... nothing to see here.

    Paul HodgesPaul HodgesOy oldin
  • Came for Ken, stayed for GIBI 😭😭😭😭😍😍😍

    ASMR with MagdaASMR with MagdaOy oldin
  • Lol ken in with a bunch of Anitubers lol

    Random FandomRandom FandomOy oldin
  • I love how much Ken is genuinely fan-boying over Charlie but is trying his best to hide it XD

    Kristi LeeKristi LeeOy oldin
  • wow I don't know you can kill a group with one hit if they were together.

    nada Odahnada OdahOy oldin
  • Soo glad I discovered you. You make me laugh soo hard. Such a cool ass toast.

    MattwiistandMattwiistandOy oldin
    • He’s definitely the toastiest. One of my all time favesss

      LuvlexiluvLuvlexiluvOy oldin
  • Thank you Ken, but you should play against the Aussie guys with your Mates and think you'd all be a classic mix. Obviously Mary has to join you and take care of yourself, Mate

    Go AwayGo AwayOy oldin
  • We love you ken

    Nauseous CrayonNauseous CrayonOy oldin
  • Why would you guys allow Wolfy to even play? Like why do that to us? 🥴

    Haley RoseHaley RoseOy oldin
  • Thank u for staying as one of the unproblematic youtubers

    Mikaela MendozaMikaela MendozaOy oldin
  • seeing noble, nux and ken playing together makes me super happy. edit: just realized captainsparklez is here also.

    zack McMasterzack McMasterOy oldin
  • I want buffpro play games with ken

    Captain SCaptain SOy oldin