The Worst Cooking Show I've Ever Seen On YouTube

8-Okt, 2020
209 112 Ko‘rishlar soni

We're Checking our Kays Cooking A Different Spaghetti Bolognese where we see some of the worst cooking show I've ever seen on youtube. It has a lot of hearth though.
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  • What was that? It looked like what you would put in the trash.

    debra boltondebra bolton3 soat oldin
  • not going to lie kay lives in the same city and as me and i met her shes really lovely

    Nero SwiftNero Swift2 kun oldin
  • It can be done, she didn’t use enough sauce. And I would have sautéed the onions with garlic first, brown the beef, place noodles in the bottom, layer the beef mixture with the sauce and mozzarella, cover and cook for like 10-15 mins. Yum baked spaghetti

    Becca MedinaBecca Medina3 kun oldin
  • Part 2 anyone

    James HalesJames Hales3 kun oldin
  • Gordon Ramsay would aprove

    Inoa CababatInoa Cababat4 kun oldin
  • Omg PAR COOK THE NOODLES, FOR CRAP SAKE!!!!! NEVER put uncooked noodles in the oven unless ya par cook them, ugh triggered! !!

    Kara BielKara Biel4 kun oldin
  • I low-key wanna eat it

    MorningmanMorningman5 kun oldin
  • George Memeulouse & the rest of the Eboys are gonna be after Ken

    Rowen BilsboroughRowen Bilsborough5 kun oldin
  • LOL Ken's concern about the noodles had me cry laughing

    SoniaBladeSoniaBlade5 kun oldin
  • You need to review Haachama cooking.

    accusetaccuset5 kun oldin

    Heavy Metal Kitten AmandaHeavy Metal Kitten Amanda6 kun oldin
  • I love her but WHYYY WHY WHY LMFAOOOO

    IsabelIsabel6 kun oldin
  • Just say, no thanks I am allergic to that... probably

    Ruth OborosRuth Oboros6 kun oldin
  • looks like my school lunch

    Malin DahlströmMalin Dahlström6 kun oldin
  • This gives me war flashbacks to eating at my ex boyfriend 😖 we had some sort of candy bacon once, like bacon covered in a candy coating. It tasted like sugar grease 🤢🤢 (would have been ok to a limit but holy shit they put SO much sugar, my tastebuds were so confused. I’m happy that my mom taught me how to cook like her.

    Haven ValentineHaven Valentine7 kun oldin

    Rin EvansRin Evans7 kun oldin
  • I would tell them I have a allergy to tomatoes

    John NJohn N7 kun oldin
  • This woman has no idea what she is doing. I do admire her spirit in effort lol

    John NJohn N7 kun oldin
  • At least she likes iron maiden her shirt had Eddie on it

    Teagan EvertsTeagan Everts8 kun oldin
  • She's so adorable....the food not so much 🤦😂

    Angela GrimesAngela Grimes8 kun oldin
  • She didn't season the meat or the sauce.... Wtf

    Abigail PrichardAbigail Prichard8 kun oldin
  • I really enjoy moist meat around my noodle. “I just wanted to get my noodle wet”

    BleedngMascara7BleedngMascara78 kun oldin
  • Kays cooking for react couche buff Will love her!!

    Malin JohanssonMalin Johansson9 kun oldin
  • Gordon Ramsay better bring back Kitchen Nightmares if it means helping this woman out

    Tristen MaguireTristen Maguire10 kun oldin
  • 11:25 *Dorime...*

    Not An AlienNot An Alien10 kun oldin
  • Constipated? This would make you shite.

    Not An AlienNot An Alien10 kun oldin
  • 😷

    Juanita HernandezJuanita Hernandez10 kun oldin
  • You say check please and walk out!

    Mad as MaxMad as Max10 kun oldin
  • When the onion is crunchy that means it is fresh!

    Mad as MaxMad as Max10 kun oldin
  • Its pasta that goes in spag bowl, not noodles.

    Mad as MaxMad as Max10 kun oldin
  • "No thanks I ate in the way here."

    Ani's ArtsAni's Arts11 kun oldin
  • The real recipe is on scumdiddlyumptios UZworld. Nothing like Kays

    mehope0143mehope014311 kun oldin
  • The ghost flipping that table is the combined fury of every Italian nonna who ever was, for what they have done to spaghetti bolognese. She seems genuinely nice, so they didn't want to actually hurt her, but they couldn't let this insult to Italian cooking pass.

    Chrissie LChrissie L11 kun oldin
  • This spaghetti can cure Covid. Would you eat it?

    williambonic1williambonic112 kun oldin
  • Check please

    fooyloopyfooyloopy12 kun oldin
  • "bless her heart" .... ken I live in the south as well lol I know what that means lol

    TheGeekzTeamTheGeekzTeam12 kun oldin
  • Throw Up on my sweater already, Kay's Spaghetti

    Kenny ShoesKenny Shoes13 kun oldin
  • As a wise man once said “It is the famous Italian dish of Al dente”

    Master Of MemesMaster Of Memes13 kun oldin
  • Would love to hear Gordon Ramsay's opinion on this dish 🤣🤣

    Б ЈањевићБ Јањевић13 kun oldin
  • She lives across the road from my colleague. Apparently she's really weird

    LadyKyuubiLadyKyuubi13 kun oldin
  • You gotta so a series on all of these/

    Isis BlackfeatherIsis Blackfeather14 kun oldin
  • My grandma cooking is this bad

    GingerSnapsPandaGingerSnapsPanda14 kun oldin
  • say I already ate 😅

    MilaMila14 kun oldin
  • Yo, you're never going to read this comment, but my wife and I are one of your OG subscribers. We're your same age. We watched this, and all we thought was how mean your content has become. It might work for the UZworld algos and the fans may like it, but it seems like, ever since you became bitter about Pewd's support and success, your focus has turned towards criticism instead of the wholesome family Ken you actually are. You roasted this lady. You don't know the backstory behind this woman, the obvious limitations she faces, and I don't think you understand people and circumstances that lead up to this. There exists an entire population that knows nothing about fresh produce, raw ingredients, and quality, let alone having the means to afford it.

    zvnavv3w5zvnavv3w515 kun oldin
  • Spaghetti sticks!! I am calling pasta that from now on. This food if you can call it that looks like Poison I would never eat that looks nasty as hell.

    Abigail BarringerAbigail Barringer15 kun oldin
  • The was a lovely serving of spaghetthatawayfromme

    TerrorfexTerrorfex15 kun oldin
  • I swear I've seen most critical do this video

    Ryan the Iron Spider officialRyan the Iron Spider official15 kun oldin
  • “I don’t know what she said bout a juicer but they’re burnt”😂😂 love how ken never understands any accent

    Tattle tale StranglerTattle tale Strangler15 kun oldin
  • *_Now they really need their noodles wet._*

    Donovann LorrinDonovann Lorrin15 kun oldin
  • She made it with love and I’ll give her that. 🤣

    SaspharussSaspharuss15 kun oldin
  • Not even 3 minutes in and Ken pulls out the "Bless her heart..."

    TheDrunkenBunnyTheDrunkenBunny15 kun oldin
  • School lunch looking fine.

    Donovann LorrinDonovann Lorrin15 kun oldin
  • If you cover half of her face, she's looks like a happy sloth

    Shon AnoprciovShon Anoprciov15 kun oldin
  • I was scrolling through her videos... what is Piss take?

    Dee LytefulDee Lyteful15 kun oldin
  • Ever heard of the Slaton sisters? Their videos were kinda tacky and people watched them for that reason. They had a show on TLC because of their popularity. Kay’s Cooking will probably be the next hit on UZworld because of you. As for this video on her video, I’m sure the spaghetti sticks would’ve turned out better had she not burnt the noodles but maybe that was the point. Who knows. It makes me want spaghetti though lol

    Dee LytefulDee Lyteful15 kun oldin
  • Gordon Ramsay should watch this😂

    Abhisek ChettriAbhisek Chettri16 kun oldin
  • At least boil the spagetti....urghh so triggering She must did this on purpose.

    Abhisek ChettriAbhisek Chettri16 kun oldin
  • 11:25 Not gonna lie, I'd give it a taste.

    Whats-My-FandomWhats-My-Fandom16 kun oldin
  • What in the hell did I just watch

    Scuffle BuggyScuffle Buggy16 kun oldin
  • Ken! Please do her video of jambalaya! Its perfectly horrid. (Also her "special fried rice". Dear goodness)

    Erin SnowErin Snow16 kun oldin
  • It's that episode of phineas and ferb with the spaghetti in meatballs

    KAYLEE SmithKAYLEE Smith16 kun oldin
  • I never thought that spaghetti could be messed up

    John EganJohn Egan16 kun oldin
  • Lol the ghost flipped the table

    Anti-HeroineAnti-Heroine16 kun oldin
  • Maybe she was supposed to boil the noddles and add the meat on top..... i dunno girl 🤣😭💕

    Alissa WilcoxAlissa Wilcox16 kun oldin
  • She's been cooking that mess so long the damn things gone mouldy! 😂 Why she inflicting that monstrosity on someone else - that's just evil.

    Live Laugh Love DailyLive Laugh Love Daily17 kun oldin
  • I'd say "I already ate, actually right before I came here, right outside door.... yep definitely not hungry"

    Lexy RickettsLexy Ricketts17 kun oldin
  • Please react to more of her videos

    Oona FineganOona Finegan17 kun oldin
  • "What do you say?" I'd be like, "oh... thank you, but i'm not hungry. No, no, it's ok, I don't-- uh, you said it has eggs and meat in it? Oh gosh. So sorry, but I'm vegan. What a shame. Looks like you put a lot of effort into that...:

    sunstripe85sunstripe8517 kun oldin
  • I know exactly what video she was trying to replicate from scrumdiddlyumptious and.... that ain't it chief😬😬🤣

    Emma FreitagEmma Freitag17 kun oldin
  • Yes ken My mouth is watering With everything i ate today

    kyliee c.kyliee c.17 kun oldin
  • Prove my mom cant cook...Okay thats just the internet.

    T MT M17 kun oldin
  • if someone served me this, id call the cops

    Chase the StarsChase the Stars17 kun oldin
  • I thought the two Tupperware she was holding that picture for was guacamole but then my sister said what if it’s Pea soup and now I’m horrified because of how chunky and how horribly barfy green it was.

    bluewolf0617bluewolf061717 kun oldin
  • are they eating in their bathroom?

    Ria Carinne LaversRia Carinne Lavers17 kun oldin
  • Why is the hamburger brown 😮

    Heather HamelHeather Hamel17 kun oldin
  • Did she watch a HowToBasic video to learn that recipe?

    Becky GilliamBecky Gilliam17 kun oldin
  • gordon ramsays brain will commit suicide after wathing this woman cook

    sataniczssataniczs17 kun oldin
  • While watching this I was eating a Wagyu steak. I’d take that spaghetti bolognese any day bro

    OwlOnTourOwlOnTour17 kun oldin
  • She watched food wars one time I bet.

    ChildishCodinoChildishCodino17 kun oldin
  • Maybe i shouldn’t be watching this while I eat breakfast

    Anahi TAnahi T17 kun oldin
  • FSM is rolling in his noodleness

    BirdDanaBirdDana17 kun oldin
  • Its like u told a 7 year old to make dinner but tbh even a 7 year old would make better food

    _ Chris__ Chris_17 kun oldin
  • I bet she just watched a 'Quick 1 Minute' cooking video, that's why that category should be banned, same as 5 minute crafts xD

    SkynzorsVarietySkynzorsVariety17 kun oldin
  • this video is so funny ken

    Zelalem GetahunZelalem Getahun17 kun oldin
  • Where is the horrible fried rice from BBC

    bboysoulzerobboysoulzero17 kun oldin
  • This was served to me at a friends home.... The family calls it Chew and Spew 🤮

    TheBreechieTheBreechie17 kun oldin
  • I want Ken to say yee yee more in videos

    Cory HollCory Holl18 kun oldin
  • If someone serves me that we fighting awww naa

    Cory HollCory Holl18 kun oldin
  • Speghetti sticks

    MizeryMizery18 kun oldin
  • Trailer trash cooking 🤪

    Starry Bear 001Starry Bear 00118 kun oldin
  • ..... a.... I'm sorry..... I'm allergic to spagetti sticks....

    Jami ConroyJami Conroy18 kun oldin
  • Not even ratatouille can fix that

    Eliza sapEliza sap18 kun oldin
  • PLEEEAAAASSSSEEE watch more Kay's Cooking with Dane? we need to hear his laugh over the sticky meat ASMR

    MandaLa 314MandaLa 31418 kun oldin
  • That is a tasty recipe I think and they put way more sauce so the spaghetti cooks

    TayTaySimmerTayTaySimmer18 kun oldin
  • This woman wtf 😂 I cannot stop laughing! Thanks Ken.. I’d say sorry not hungry atm

    Stacey RaeStacey Rae18 kun oldin
  • She didn’t even boil the noodles. She cooked sticks

    DARTPsychoticFerretDARTPsychoticFerret18 kun oldin
  • You say "thank you" no matter the quality of the food it's the thought that counts. This lady seems like she means well maybe she has some confidence issues as to why she keeps saying "whatever you wanna call them" she did a great job just needs a bit more practice Is all.

    TheMegaOlveTheMegaOlve18 kun oldin
  • Who missed ken playing danganronpa...?

    K1B0 idabashiK1B0 idabashi18 kun oldin
  • Made me cry so hard

    mike tierneymike tierney18 kun oldin
  • If I was served this I would actually put a picture up on Twitter and get Gordon Ramsay’s opinion (facts) on it

    SolidricecakeSolidricecake18 kun oldin
    • Long story short it looks awful. But I’d eat it to be polite.

      SolidricecakeSolidricecake18 kun oldin